Sun and Stars Resources Teacher Corner - sounds interesting - experts will give advice Interactive online star charts and constellationsactive Click on the constellation icon: click on the sky or just move your mouse around the sky. You can record the music you make and listen to it. A cute introduction to constellationsactive Virtual Planetariumactive constellations: click on a constellation to get a picture and information about Flag day history , how to make a 5 pointed star active How to make a sundial - 6 different ones! active Yohkoh Public Outreach Project - view pictues, movies, and lessons about the sun - Neat site! active what's in the sky, space exploration, sky links, gamesactive Stanford's On-line resources for the sun - activites, pictures, lessons, etc.- another great site active Information on all 88 constellations --- the myths and the facts. A Binocular (and Naked Eye) Tour of the Stars Stars--Portraits of Stars and their Constellationsgeared towards amateur and budding astronomers. At the first site, Kaler offers detailed but non-technical descriptions of selected stars and a link to a photo of their respective constellations. Another section of the site, The Natures of Stars, consists of basic overviews of key concepts. The star descriptions are interesting to beginner and avid starwatchers alike, but the photos would benefit perhaps from superimposed arrows or other finding aids. Skylights - The Stars site grows by one celestial body each week: the Star of the Week. Skylights also provides a synopsis of astronomy news for the week and viewing tips.

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