Solar System Resources solar system simulatoractive Solar System Cardsactive Diagram of the current position of the planets in our solar system, you can customize your view active Arty the Astro: great interactive site for kidsactive neat solar system gamesactive  A nice page on Pinterest that is full of links for children learning about the Solar System. interactive lessons on the solar systemactive Space Science for Kids - lots of information and activities - information gathered by 2nd graders for Kids - articles, coloring pages, quizzesactive This site was recommended by a person in Cary, N.C. create your own solar system using the 8 planets. You can then print create your own space world and then print it. Great for creative writing as a A neat site that shows what the earth looks like at night - it shows the lights on earth. Tools and Resources for Sun Calculations and Observations - There are links for Atronomical Terms, Daylength-Charts, Moon Phases and Positions, Solar Energy Information, Sun Position (Azimuth and Altitude), Sunrise/Sunset Calculators, and Sun Calendars. This site was recommended by a person in Compton, California. Eyes in the Sky Feet on the Ground - collection of children's online astronomy activities. In the following six chapters are hundreds of fun explorations into astronomy as a classroom tool for learning how to theorize, experiment, and analyze data. The activities are fully illustrated and contain detailed, step-by-step instructions as well as suggested discussion topics. This book is lots of fun for teachers and students alike. Solar System Puzzle Kit: Download this pdf kit from NASA; your students can make an eight-cube solar system puzzle of the entire solar system with the kit, while learning much about the asteroids, sun, and planets. Grades 5-8. active Views of the Solar System: What a resource... bookmark this site as you can use it for lesson plans, activities, history of the space program, and a multimedia adventure through the solar system. active Starchild - for primary grades - for intermediate change to level2 - a wonderful site active Build a Solar System - Want to get an accurate sense of space? That's the purpose behind the dynamic distance calculators at "Build a Solar System." Enter a size for the sun -- one that you can easily imagine -- say an inch or maybe a foot, the site will generate the resulting relative distances to the planets. The numbers are eye-opening, to say the least. Sunglasses optional. Your Weight on Other Worlds - If you've checked out "Build a Solar System," you probably have anewfound sense of just how very distant the other planets are from Earth. Now you can augment your concept of the other planets by figuring out your weight on those celestial bodies. Weigh 150 on Earth? The upside: You're a svelte 10 pounds on Pluto. Unfortunately, you'd weigh about two zillion pounds on a Neutron star. Can't win them all. Wonderful interactive lesson on the solar system active multimedia tour of the solar system Astronomy for Kids - tons of activities - nice simple explanations for young kids Welcome to the planets - NASA Planet images from NASA Great BINGO game for the solar system - print cards and play! The only drawback is you need to pay $2.00 for it. Here is a FREE version for BINGO.. Students are given a list of words that they fill in on the Bingo Card. Included is the list of information that is given by the caller for the bingo game. Missions to Planet Earth gameactive Mars a neat little game to see pictures of the planets and moons (hint - Look at the spelling at the bottom, it must join together to spell the planet or moon.) active

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