Space Projects/Miscellaneous NASA - Space exploration, scientific discovery, and aeronautics research Kids Astronomy: includes a variety of resources, links, activities, and games relatedactive to the Solar System and astronomy - a great site NASA's earth, space, and technology games, animations, and fun factsactive Space Shots Visible Earth Gallery Check out the resources for Solar System Space Station Gallery NASA's image library explore the sizes of stars, planets, and other objects zoom in and out active is an online space related web site. It has many clickable articles in it, very informativeactive Black Holes SkyView, presented by NASA. You can type in your coordinates, just like if you were running the Hubbell telescope yourself, and SkyView will present a gif image of the area! You can also use its radiotelescope features, or view the gamma-ray spectrum. Complicated, but amazing! active Kennedy Space Center Nasa FTCSC Kids' Page - All sorts of links for learning activities regarding space JACO Aerospace- has information about space education. There are many links with videos, webquests, quizzes, animations, and more! This was recommended by a person in Cary, N.C. A Virtual Journey into the Universe:This virtual space journey is flash-intensive; give it some time to load, as it's well worth Space Coloring Bookactive Space Coloring Pagesactive Space-Themed Crafts: For early elementary students, find instructions making moon rocks, space collages, a universe in a jar, and A space and astronomy coloring activity bookactive

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