Space Craft/Missions Resources Apollo 11 Space interactive game see teacher's page below active Students can track, trace, and alter the path of a comet as it slams in to Jupiter. Lesson plans and teacher guides are available. active Cassini Virtual Touractive The Hubble Space Telescope - learn about it while watching a videoactive Hubble Telescope Tour: Take a virtual tour through the Hubble and its mechanisms with this excellent online exhibit from the Exploratorium.When finished, students can try making their own telescopes or make a model of the Hubble Telescope. Other activities also The International Space Station On-line newsletter about invents in space - Que Tal - lots of information, links, lessons, etc. The Life Sciences Data Archive (LSDA) contains data from both human and non-human space flight experiments and related ground control studies. One will find information, pictures and video about space life sciences research missions, There is a searchable database of images from life sciences missions and experiments. There is also a set of links to other sources of space life sciences. There is a set of activities just for kids, to teach them about space flight and space life sciences. active Space Shuttles Space Shuttle news Let's Go To Mars interactive gameactive Space Shuttle Launch Simulation: students can now try a simulation shuttle launch at this NASA interactive presentation site. They will need to prepare first, through a series of learning and exploring exercises; then prepare for lift-off! active! Space Shuttle Coloring Pictures to download active Learn the importance of tracking animals with satellites, then play the gameactive

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