Physical Science Miscellaneous Pieces of Science is an online museum that features scientific wonders such as the Daguerreotype camera, the history of bicycles and the discovery of penicillin. There are exciting classroom activities that can be done online and others that can be done offline. Though the resource information is geared more for upper elementary on, many of the online student activities apply to any age. They are interactive and fun to do!! Each section has an online activities section. Worth checking out!!! Presented by the Franklin Institute Science Reekos Mad Science Lab - lots of links to experiments, resources and fun stuffactive Interactive world atlas, information on local times as well as sunrise and sunset times in several hundred citiesactive Click on the Raccoon in the tree: classifying objects by properties - for young childrenactive another physics site to explore The Particle Adventure: How small can we get in discussing fundamental matter? Enter the fascinating world of quarks, dark matter, and particle detectors... This interactive tour from Lawrence Berkeley National Lab . Question and answer formats with side pop-ups and "Did-you-know's?" active list of physical science experiments good java links for physics teachers active magnetic units

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