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Inventions How Stuff Works Invention Dimension - has great interative activities, resources, etc. active Learn the basics of flight and airplane design in this interactive module for teachers and students. After learning the foundations, students can try some virtual flying of their own. active The time-warp project: Archive of Vintage Technology Through the Decades - The 20th century is marked by dramatic technology innovation. The time-warp project is an attempt to archive the rapid advance in technology through the decades. Initially we are starting from 1900 to the present. So much has happened since the harnessing of electricity! The project’s goal is to help preserve information about technology and make it accessible for future generations. The Inventor's Workshop is the perfect site for Middle School resources and activities on machines and inventions. Following the great inspiration of Leonardo da Vinci, students will first get to examine da Vinci's own inventions and sketches. They can then proceed to the machines page, and take a close look at the illustrations and explanations--they'll need the information for the interactive Gadget Anatomy page, where they'll be required to determine what machines are being implemented. Then have them try Sketching Gadget Anatomy, da Vinci style, before proceeding to the class machine and invention project. Here a set of design challenges will be presented. Students must then work collaboratively to best solve the challenge, producing an original machine to meet a specific purpose. Interesting Facts About The Car Engine Tailored Towards Kids - It describes the 4 steps used in a combustion engine. At the very bottom of the site you will find a link to a video that shows a simplified version of how a combustion engine actually works. This site was recommended by a person from San Diego,

Simple Machines This site is designed for both teachers and students, specifically intended to help teach the concept of Simple Machines. The site contains interactive activities for students, a teacher's guide, as well as a printable pre-test and post-test. active Teaching Machinery Basics to Young Mathematicians  - This site has a wealth of information about simple machines.  It also has many resources for interactive games.  This site was recommended by a person who lives in Cary, N.C. Interactive activities for simple machinesactive Learn about simple and complex machines by exploring the House and tool This site gives a quick overview of what simple machines are. It then has many links that explore each simple machine in more depth. Some of the links have interactive activities. This site was recommended by a person in Colorado. Put the puzzles together to figure out which simple machines are being usedactive NeoK12 - Simple Machines for Kids - lots of interactive activitiesactive simple machine quizactive Simple Machines - matching and concentration gamesactive great site that demonstrates simple machines. Has a section where students have to decide which simple machines are used Simple machine quizactive a wonderful interactive activity for students to see if they can tell what simple machine is employed. active good site for simple machines

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