Energy Resources This site provides snapshots of both renewable and nonrenewable energy sources, energy activities kids can do in the classroom, profiles of pioneers in energy, interesting energy stories, fun energy facts and links to online energy education resources. Brainpop's interactive wind energy siteactive Check out the resources for

Energy The Energy Quest Room - interactive activitiesactive Fear of Physics: As the creators of this website say "We created this site to be a friendly, non-technical place for you to come and 'play' with the laws of physics for a while." For Elementary School teachers, this gives you ways to better explain the physics of the world around us. Middle School and High school students can try the different simulations, including Sound, Collisions, Making your Jump Shot, and Zero G. Illustrations will appeal to students as something they could accomplish, and the explanations let everyone gain a better understanding of physics.Grade Level:  Middle School, High School, St. Mary's HS Physics Online @ St. Mary's H.S. Manhasset, New York - there are simulations that you can try, lessons to explore, and more - a neat site!!active Energy resources for kids - has interactive games and activitiesactive Another energy related site for kids Information about energy

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