Chemistry Resources Periodic Table Element Matching Game - How well do you know the elements? Quiz yourself with this online matching game! The computer will give you a list of chemical symbol represents. There are four levels of difficulty ot choose from. active Radar's Chemistry for Kids - learning modules, online quizzesactive This is no ordinary online chemistry textbook...High school students can interact with the Periodic Table of Elements, or bond with the Atomic Structures. Lots to explore; definitely not Chemistry is the study of MATTER and the changes that take place with that matter. This site is loaded with information concerning - matter, atoms, elements, reactions, biochemistry,etc. A great Site!!! Chembalancer:  This little online game teaches students how to balance chemical equations.  It'san ideal site for the busy science/chemistry list of chemistry experiments The Chemistry Place: At the Chemistry Place, students can master key chemical principles and processes through interactive tutorials, take practice exams, investigate chemistry-related news, ideas, and find credible, reliable science resources on the chemistry units Chemistry teachers can use these images published on web pages to demonstrate to students various aspects of molecular structure. Students might also use the images to illustrate their learning. active for Kids - interactive activities for chemistry, and other physical science concepts active Science Teachers' Resource Center has links for chemistey, life science, physic, and under "Resources" there are more links for chemistry.

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