October Resources

Fire Prevention Week

http://www.firepreventionweek.org/ Everything you wanted to know about fire prevention. There are different resources for different ages. There are also activities that you can do.

http://www.nfpa.org/sparky/ Sparky: Fire prevention activities

Christopher Columbus

http://edweb.sdsu.edu/courses/edtec670/Cardboard/Board/C/Columbus.html Christopher's Crossing: If you need an innovative approach to your explorer lessons, try this game board activity for learning about early navigation, Christopher Columbus, and the age of exploration. Sample game cards and board are included.

http://teachervision.com/lesson-plans/lesson-3029.html Chart Columbus' Voyage: Students will use different colored pencils to chart the routes Christopher Columbus took on his voyages to the New World. Student handouts included.


http://www.halloween.com/ lots of resources for Halloween

http://www.benjerry.com/fun/halloween/a neat interactive site- has games, things to click on, and more!! active

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