Kindergarten Resources Kinderstart: Learning Activities and Crafts - lots of resources categorized by subject active Christie Weidetz' and Jill Harrington's Kindergarten Pages - a wonderful site - full of interactive learning experiences to enhance any Kindergarten curriculum - great for preschoolers, too!!active   JumpStart JumpStart is home to a large collection of free, printable kindergarten resources. Both parents and teachers can find plenty of fun activities, worksheets and lesson plans for math, reading, writing, science and arts. Tons of resources for PreK-1 grades - activities, online stories, themes, lessons, crafts, you name it!! active Kindergarten educational gamesactive Vanessa’s Pinterest Pre-K pages - tons of links to all sorts of ideas for all sorts of units - a must see site!! free music and lyricsactive Classic Children's Songs: They are divided by subject. They also have ones that rhyme, fun songs, animated songs, and much more - (This site was recommended by students) active Huge collection of traditional nursery rhymes, stories, and songs -The great site was recommended by Nancy's Kids at GCC, Canada. Each link is annotated so that you can search for ones that have videos, or articles, or pictures with stories, poems, etc. active This site was put together by Jean Warren. She has written poems, stories, and songs for teachers to use. Her site is loaded with educational ideas for enriching your program. A wonderful resource!

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