Assessment K-12 Resources Academic Standards for k-12 for each State Content Standards for California Schools k-12 Writing Checklist for Primary Grades: Categories on this checklist take into account conventions, capitalization rules, punctuation, word use, and ideas. Check off the ones that apply to your current writing project for a customized writing assessment. Online Test Prep for California Students:The University of California's College Preparatory Initiative (UCCP) offers free online preparation for tests like the SAT and ACT on aUniversity of California-sponsored Web site.Several Web resources are available to help educators (and their students!) polish their questioning A Questioning Toolkit - Includes descriptions of 17 different question types, such as Probing, Sorting & Sifting, Clarification, and Unanswerable questions. Filling the Toolbox: Classroom Strategies to Engender Student Questioning Provides example strategies for creating a classroom climate conducive to critical thinking starting with coaching students to ask their own questions.

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