Grades 3-5 Resources This site has links to curriculum, dictionaries, research, encyclopedia, this day in history, current events, brain teasers, games and more!active Thinking Things from Snaith - 2000 pages of resources, worksheets and lesson plans. Interactive!! Folk Tales , Aztecs, Ancient Greeks, Egyptians, Magnetic Poetry, Vikings, World War 2, Germany, Paris, India, Diwali, Water, Victorians, and Diversity . Read about Scruff the Eurodog. Now in the AWESOME games for kids, Lesson Plans and Activities from Scholasticactive 4th Grade Lesson Plans: Find a great collection of well-developed, themed units for fourth grade topics across the curriculum, from Core Knowledge.- at this site you can find lesson plans for K-8th grades, too! At Book Adventure your child can choose a genre and a reading level to find a book appropriate for him or her. This is a site with a variety of games to practice skills for all grade levelsactive 4th Grade Cyberguides: Cyberguides provide a great resource for literature studies. Each book listed is accompanied by a full lesson plan for study and investigation; also consider the booklist as an appropriate reading list at grade level. They also have them for K-12th grades. National Reading Vocabulary List for Grade 4: This list is created with over 900 words, covering 36 weeks of school, with categorized lists week-by-week. A fifth grade teacher's web picks Kidzone - fun facts for kids - a great site for all grade levels SuperKids - this site has Educational Tools - Vocabulary Builders - Words-of-the-Day - Hangman - Hidden Word Puzzle - Word Scrambler - SuperKids Math Worksheets - Famous Quote of the Day - Daily food for thought, from CreativeThink. -Logic Games and much more!! active

Third Grade Grade 3 Science Curriculum: This Canadian curriculum for third grade includes activities and lesson plans for each of the units. active Arthur School's Third Grade - links, lessons, learnings, log-ons to student work on various topicsactive

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