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Click for San_Carlos, California Forecast The Weather Ungerground - besides providing the weather for any city, or country it also provides maps - you can also get a logo with the weather of your city on your webpage (See above for one example of gifs available.) a wonderful resource for any information about weather - lots of pictures and diagrams, lesson plans, too.  16 ways to teach children about weather -   good, fun activities.   15 neat activities to teach children about weather. great explainations about forces in weatheractive Cloudy witha Chance of Meatballs - Teacher's Cyberguide: Students will relate weather and weather formation to food production, and food pyramids. They will also measure weather conditions, write a narrative, interpret diagrams and charts, and classify weather and food groups. The content is aligned to grade two standards. Crossword Puzzle onlineactive Weather, Season and Climate - activities and an online game active You can type in the name of a state or country and find out what the weather is like there. You can also see a map showing the various temperatures throughout the U.S active Creative Climates: Students will become familiar with the six major climate zones of the world, and then create their own illustrated climate map using online sources, and including degrees of latitude and longitude. Extensions are also supplied.. Here you can type in the name of a state and find out what the weather is like there. You can also click on Fahrenheit or Celcius. active Interactive exhibit about weather forecasting tcchnologies active weather wise quizactive Interactive Wild Weather Adventure game - you can play with up to 4 peopleactive Current U.S. radar images and more;r=0;t=4;s=201;o=0;b=;n=0;y=70.729;x=-25.4883;z=2;d=2;dl=2;dc=0;dn=0;ts=0; lightening maps - Go to the settings and turn on thunder to see a ring that expands at the speed of sound from each lightning strike. Weather Watchers is a site that one can use as a unit on weather . There is a complete lesson plan included and links to various weather sites around the world. Weather Songs: Primary students can learn about weather basics with these thematic songs and poems. - Weather - type in a state, or zip code and get the weather. You can also click on a country for weather information. The weather comes in both *C and *Factive Weather Complaints (Xpeditions, NGS, Grades 3-5) Students consider the weather and climate in their home region and think about the ways in which people complain aboutthe weather. list of weather experiments

Severe Weather What Happened to Whom? (Xpeditions, NGS, Grades 6-8) This lesson asks students to consider the natural disasters that might occur near their homes and to determine where it would be best to build a house in order to avoid damage from a natural disaster or storm. Stormy Stories (Xpeditions, NGS, All Grades) In this Xpeditions activity, students use their geography savvy to sort out the stories of four kids caught in natural disasters. choose between tornadoes, thunderstorms, or blizzards and then answer a short list of questions about

Clouds A great third grade on unit on clouds with many resources from the web. Unscramble the clouds pictureactive PSC Meteorology Program Cloud Boutique - Gives cloud classification such as altitude, appearance, or origin. It also has pictures. nice pictures of clouds different types of clouds illustrated, and picture gallery

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