Ecology Resources Earth Conscious Outreach lots of links as resources This illustrated, eleven-page guide for K- 3 students was created by The Illinois Department of Natural Resources. There is a teacher guide, which includes ideas for projects and activities. The site is also available in Spanish. To find it, click on "Other Classroom Materials" and follow the link to "Wild About Plants." The "Other Classroom Materials" section has wonderful resources and activities. Take this simple online questionnaire to find out how much water you use in a day. Soil Quizactive Recycle City: Explore the theme of recycling in both homes and businesses with this interactive learning site. Student games and activities to follow how a fictional town with a trash problem decides to reduce waste, and how it learns how to Earthpulse [RealPlayer] , sponsored by Ford Motors, covers environmental conservation issues with features that change monthly.Other resources available from Earthpulse include lesson plans and links to previous months' features Eye in the Sky [RealPlayer, Windows Media Player], sponsored by the National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA), showcases what we can learn about our planet using satellites. Here, users can read about the history of satellites and remote-sensing technology and choose from a menu of brief lessons on natural disasters, human impacts on Earth, human conflicts, and exploration of Mars. Each lesson page gives photographs, facts, and short movies (RealPlayer or Windows Media Player). Earth Songs .... a collection of songs, albums, and songbooks with lyrics that promote the love and protection of the Earth, and links to related resources. Lyrics are included for some of the songs, on an opportunistic basis. Recycle Card Game: To help your students recognize what materials can be recycled and to take responsibility for earth concerns, play a recycling game with these card templates and directions. Litter Detectives:Students will collect and analyze school and/or community litter, and make suggestions as to how it can be reduced. They will create graphs, and you can integrate technology by having the class create a spreadsheet with their findings. Celebrating Earth Day With Students: Find a long list of possible Earth Day activities to share with your class. Planetpals - Our planet and everything in it - Weather facts. Weather quiz -Worldly Wise tips and tricks - Learn about Earthday, Lots to do! - Email CARDS, Email STICKERS - Recycle crafts, - Take their Polls - Teacher and Parent Pageactive BUILD-A-PRAIRIE - Can you turn a barren plain into a healthy prairie? Take the Build-a-Prairie challenge! Choose the best plants and animals to bring to your prairie restoration site--and be sure to avoid dangerous exotic species! Then watch the prairie come to life in exciting animations! Also learn all about Miss Maggie's Earth Adventures. It's a Flash-laden site that gives your kids a sense of the environment, and how it needs to be handled with care. The first animated adventure is in place, "A Great Catch." It will remind you a bit of the Carmen Sandiego series of gamesactive Tours include puzzles, word games, activities about conservation, information about water, the wetlands, and endangered speciesactive EPA Explorers Page - This U.S. Environmental Protection Agency site uses art, coloring, comics, stories and games to involve kids in environmental science. active One of the must-play activities is the Shockwave Dumptown GameAs City Manager, your job is to clean up the city. Keep an eye on the budget as you implement waste-reduction programs such as home composting, drop-off recycling and yard trimmings pick-up. Interested in telling the President what you've done (in real life) to clean up the planet? Find out how on The Trophy Case page. active about ecology through a clickable alphabet, read storie, view links to many great games for kidsactive Smokey the Bear's page of games about wild fire preventionactive The Virtual House - inside are all kinds of things we use in our everyday lives. So take a look around and see what you can learn about how the way we live can affect our planet's Garbage "If your habits resemble those of average Americans, you contributed 1,570 pounds of solid trash, 2 tons of hazardous waste, and 3,613 pounds of sewage to the world's waste this past year." Twenty-three tons of hazardous waste? That's 126 pounds of hazardous waste a day. Amazed? Find out which household items need special disposal (and which can be tossed in your regular trash) in the informative, interactive Hazardous Waste quiz. Or try your hand at solving the problem of an overflowing landfill. In the Shrinking a Landfill exercise (on the Global Efforts page), your goal is to reduce waste by 10 percent with a budget of $50,000. Can you do it?active Lorax's Save the Trees Game "I am the Lorax. I speak for the trees. I've come here to celebrate Earth>Day, so please. Come join me and help spread the message I bring. Be a friend to the trees and to each living thing." Bring your preschoolers, early readers (and anyone needing a homework break) to Dr. Suess' cyberspace playground to catch Truffula seeds in a Shockwave basket. It reminds me a little of Pong (am I that old?) active

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