Use art to enhance your poetry

* Food coloring and coffee filters

*Watercolors in Combination with black silhouettes

Sponge dipped in deluted tempera paint and then sponged on to paper that has a cutout of a shape.

Sponge dipped in deluted tempera paint and then lightly sponged on paper

* Food coloring in soup bubbles then bubbles blown onto paper. When dry you can put the paper in the printer and then print your poem.

* Poem placed inside recycled leftover paper from cutout.

* Crayon illustrations drawn after poems are printed.

Liquid paints that have been dropped into water and swirled lightly. Then paper has been placed carefully on top of the water and quickly lifted out. When dry, the paper can go through a printer to print a poem.

* Torn paper poem mounted on colored construction paper

* Poem glued on paper that has been previously illustrated with some form of artwork
* Poem printed on ditto paper that has a pattern, then colored
* Poem printed on paper that has been decorated with stamps


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