Poetry Templates How to Dress Them UP

1. Use poetry to reinforce science concepts.
* Weather, seasons
* Animals and/or their habitats
* Plants
* Natural elements (e.g. rocks, soil, landforms, water forms, light, energy, magnetic, colors, forces, heat, etc)
* Space exploration
2. Use poetry to enforce social studies concepts.
* Important events
* People
* Communities
3. Use poetry to reinforce math concepts.
* Describe shapes
* Explain a number
* Demonstrate a math strain (e.g. algebra, measurement)
4. Use poetry to reinforce literature concepts.
* Story characters
* Illustrate parts of speech
* Autobiography
* Biography
* Phonetic components (e.g. beginning letters, rhyming words, vowel sounds)
* Comparisons
5. Use art to enhance your poetry
* Food coloring and coffee filters
* Watercolors in combination with black silhouettes
* Food coloring in soup bubbles
* Crayon illustrations drawn after poems are printed
* Torn paper poem mounted on colored construction paper
* Poem glued on paper that has been previously illustrated with some form of artwork
* Poem placed inside recycled leftover paper from cutout
* Poem printed on ditto paper that has a pattern, then colored
* Poem printed on paper that has been decorated with stamps

6. Templates

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