Music Resources All sorts of interactive learning experiences for the piano. Learn how to read music, compose, play, etc. Tons of great resources!active All sorts of interactive learning experiences for music - . Spelling songs, kids songs, piano sheet music, Monkey Dancer Game, Recording Studio, learn the sounds of instruments, note play back ear training games, music note naming games, play along songs, learn to play the drums, kareoke songs with video, listen to children's songs in different styles of music, media sound stories, compose music, guitar chord programactive Solve the mystery of which character is the narrator thinking about from an Learn about the four instument families in an Click on the beaver: click on an animal to hear its sound, click again and it Play bingo: listen to an instrument and then click on the letter that has that instrument. You have two levels to choose from - pictures or no pictures with sounds. active music resources for K-12