Statistics Resources Adventures in Statistics: Formatted as a presentation rather than a strict lesson plan, the project can nevertheless be followed through for your own class project. It involves fifth grade students and the measurement of area of classrooms, with data analysis, medians, graphing, and sample work sheets and charts. Extension activity suggestions are quite good and could perhaps be implemented to create an entire unit in statistics. Challenge activity - Meanactive Challenge activity - Median
active Spreadsheet Basics:Your middle to high school students should be able to use this how to page either independently or with very little supervision. Toostsie Pop Pull: Well, it's not exactly a lesson in scientific methodology, but how about probability? Perfect for a fourth grade lesson in probability. After you are on the site click on the lesson plans icon, you will need to copy and paste - Toostsie Pop Pull - put that in the the search lessons Adjustible Spinner - Use this tool to create a spinner to examine experimental and theoretical Ken White's Coin Flipping Page - choose between a penny or a dime. You can also choose how many coins you want to toss. Once you have your results you can press the update button on your computer and the total results for all of the tosses will update along with another toss of the coins. Neat!! Students can graph their results and compare their ratios to what other students have found. active Kids Dice Page - Ever wonder how often an event might happen? Try What Are Your Chances? Gain a little knowledge about probability. You can choose the number of rolls for your two diceactive. Here is a collection of many different resources to guide and support mathematics teaching and learning on Statistics and Probability , including tasks developed by Mathematics Assessment Resource Service (MARS), videos, and more.

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