Problem Solving Resources you can generate your own math word problems - easy or difficult, and print them, you also can print the answers to them The Mathematics Of Cartography: Mapmaker, mapmaker, make me a map... but not without using an awful lot of mathematical skill. Students will explore the world of cartology with various challenging problem-solving activities and online resources. 1000 Lockers: This problem presents a stimulating challenge for your high school students. To incorporate technology easily into this activity, have your students create spreadsheetsfor the problem. Be sure to check the links for twists on the 1000 Lockers problem. Aims Puzzle Corneractive tic-tac-toe with the computeractive you need to think quickly to solve the problems active Click on the fish icon: finish the fish pattern - young childrenactive sort the objects by propertiesactive A large selection of free worksheets is available here to print and use in your classroom. The categories include percentage, fraction riddles, perimeter and area, statistics, and much Guess my number - interactive active math magic Challenges:This site is not posting any new problems, but you can download their archived challenges by grade level. active Tower of Hanoi - this is an interactive site!!! active Word problem solving worksheets to download for grades 4-5 active The math stories are divided into categories by grades 1-8th grade This site has word problems that are sorted by grade levels 5-12. Each word problem has a "hint" section for solving if one has trouble. It also provides how to get Open ended math problems for the middle grades This site provides the tools to use the Thinking Blocks for word problems - Great for classroom whiteboards for demonstrating step by step problem solving (See below link) Thinking Blocks - This site has many story problems that you can view and try to solve. You can also view their videos to see how to solve each one. The videoes show you a logical method to solve various types of

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