Number Resources learning numbers - names, words active beginning counting activityactive Click on the fish and balloon icon: beginning counting activityactive easy dot to dotsactive Help Bear catch 10 blocks - if you go over, he dumps them!!active Seashell Rounding Math:This interactive math page for elementary students lets them practice rounding skills. They must round numbers on the seashells to the nearest ten, and collect sand dollars for each correct connect the dots three levels and many picturesactive Connect the dots to make a pictureactive lots of easy dot to dot gamesactive color even and odd numbersactive put numbers in correct orderactive Place Value Holder Tool - what happens to a number when it is divided or multiplied by 10, (100 or 1000)? This great tool shows you!!active one more, or one less game active Greater than, Less than: you can choose the level of numbers you want to practiceactive Numberline Expressactive Ordinal number demonstration and practice - click on the picture for the next slide to appearactive Ten Frame - The four games that can be played with this applet help to develop counting and addition Ordering numbers gameactive Odd Even story book active Odd Even: choose the minimum number and the maximum number for your video explaining odd and even numbers learning to count online activity active count the fish that goes with the number Guess my number - interactive active Guess my number - interactiveactive guess my number - interactiveactive skip counting gameactive skip counting dot to dot 2's and 5'sactive simple place value game with dinosaur active the animals in the correct ordinal space active by 2', 5' and 10's while painting in the numbers on a 100 numberlineactive type a number, then click on "Take my number" then select one of the digets and you will see what place value it hasactive Ethnomathematics Webhunt:... students explore math in cultures across the ages, from African games, to Mayan calendars, to the first use of zero and negative numbers--fascinating material. click on the squares starting at the lowest number and continuing to the highest - you can choose the level of difficulty of this gameactive,e,77,11 catch the leaves and see how the numbers are made active Place Value: You can set the place value you want to go up to, and you can set the minimum place value you want to Great whiteboard activity this activity demonstrates the how to get the tens and ones columnsactive matching 3 digit numbers to their corresponding wordsactive Base Ten blocks to make #1 - 999 active Value Millionactive Rounding Offactive

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