Money Resources The United States Mint has lesson plans for k-12 grades based on the new quarters match the coins gameactive put the coin puzzle together before the clock runs outactive Break the Piggy Bank by collecting coins for getting the right answers to questions about coins active interactive money game active select the correct coins,and or bills to pay for an objectactive - currency exchange You can generate your own Money worksheets - you determine the difficulty and then print them, you can also print an answer sheetactive Kids Bank ... a fun place for children to learn about money and banking. count the money - you can set the difficulty level (watch for other money games in the near future)active match the amount of money to the correct amount active Changemaker: Students practice making change to gain money for their piggy banks. Choose the level of difficulty, and each correct question will advance the student to more challenging questions active coin counting game active History of Money from Ancient Times to the Present Day

Economics California Councel of Economic Edcation - provides economics and financial literacy training and resources to K-12 teachers, students and their parents so they can make better decisions and compete and succeed in the global economy. ForSwift: Creating a Business Plan - There are 5 sample business plans. Each sample includes a free downloadable infographic and outline of the core elements of a successful business plan. This site was recommended by a person from San Francisco, CA. ForSwift: an essential guide to SWOT Analysis - SWOT is an acronym that stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, & Threats. It is a free guide designed to help workers and companies optimize performance, maximize potential, manage competition, and minimize risk. SWOT is about making better decisions, both large and small.

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