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Addition/Subtraction Maths Chase is a great site to practice your addition and/or subraction facts. You can set the difficulty you want and the speed, and also how many problems you want to do. This site was recommended by a person form London, England. Beginning addition for the young and change setting for harder problemsactive addition gameactive to 10active addition too 20 - click box to start - click for next slideactive addition of numbers that add up to 100 - click box to startactive numbers that make 10 - click for next slide active Call out the number that makes 10 before it appears. - click for next slideactive math learning addition gamesactive subtraction game to 9active subtraction facts to 20 - click for next slideactive subtraction game to 20active subtraction to 20active What makes a number - number combinations double digit addtion without carrying - you can check your answers online, tooactive 2 place addition with carryingactive 3 place addition with carryingactive Play with 2 people: 1 and 2 place addition with carryingactive addition and subtraction online gamesactive addition and subtraction matching gamesactive subtraction with 3 numbersactive demonstration of subraction without regrouping - two place - great for whiteboard demonstrationsactive demonstation of subtraction with regrouping - great for whiteboard demonstrationsactive two place subtraction with regroupingactive Three place addition with carryingactive addition game - includes missing addends active combinations for a number - put the critters into two jarsactive subtraction game - includes missing numbers active addition and subtraction game - includes missing numbersactive subtraction activity with frogs jumping off and counting how many are left active

Multiplication/Division Maths Chase is a great site to practice your multiplication and/or subtractrion facts. You can set the difficulty you want and the speed, and also how many problems you want to do. This site was recommended by a person form London, England. This site has sooooo many multiplcation interactive games online - A Must See Site!! Click on the "Games" link and go to "Interactive" for all sorts of games you can play on-line!active Simple demonstration of cummulative property of multiplication - click for next slideactive Multiplication practice: you can set the numbers and the amount of problems. You can also set the picture for the sets that are being multiplied. Great whiteboard activity. Multiplication: 0 X 0 - 5 X 5active Multiplication 0 X 0 - 7 X 7active Multiplication of numbers 0-10active multiplication tableactive Play online baseball: choose multiplication or addition, then choose easy, medium, or hard problemsactive multiply the numbers, then add them together for the total active good game for multiplicationactive math facts online game - +-x/active -+X/ online flash cards - also rounding - you can set place value, fractions, money, and more!! All About Multiplication: Use these multiplication exercises for skill practices, for students who may be having problems getting their multiplication facts down and might require an alternate learning style. Explanations of processes are followed by interactive practices, which in turn are followed by challenge quizzes. Several skill levels and topics are multiplication of three place numbers on top interactiaveactive The Best Math Computer Games – lists several math interactive games and gives a highlight about them.  This site was recommended by a person who lives in Cary, just click on the numbers and see how they add, subtract, multiply, and divide active online drills for add, sub., mult., and div. practice. There are also worksheets that can be printed for these. They are also divided by math subject and themesactive online addition, subtraction and multiplication quizzes, also printable math worksheets by grade levelactive

http://www.mathfactcafe.comYou can generate your own multiplication table - choose level of difficulty then print, and print an anwer them active A+ Math - This web site was developed to help students improve their math skills interactively. Visit their game room and play exciting games like Matho and Hidden Picture...Test your math skills with our flashcards! Now you can create and print your own set of flashcards online! Try out the new Flashcard Creator. Try the homework helper to check your homework solutions. Get help from others at their Math Message Factor Game - play against the Lots of math facts gamesactive Double Digit Multiplication Games:active generate your own Fact Sheets for +,-,x,/, flashcards, time and moneyactive ArithMattack Game Spacy Math Games - math facts You need to join, but it is Math Mayhem Interactive Game for practicing math facts You need to join, but it is Great math site for 3-6 is: multiplication facts, add. and sub. fact activities active Online math practice in +, -, x, / active This site has wonderful videos showing how to do the various types of +,-.x, and /active add, subtract, multiply, divide online flash card activity active flash cards for addition, subraction, multiplication, and divisionactive Test your addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. This test will keep a running score of your total attempts. It will also tell you what percentage of questions you answered correct. To start just press one of the buttons add, subtract, multiply or divide. Answer the questions in the pop up box in the top left hand corner of your screen. active prime and composit factor tree interactive divide active find prime factors online active factor calculator active

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