Graphing Resources A List of Daily Graphing Questions: Here's a great way to include and strengthen early graphing skills painlessly in your everyday math curriculum. - Kids Graphing Page Great site for students to make their own graphs or charts online. Check out the games-- There are three types of graphs they can make - bar, pie, and line - great to include in Bar Graph - you can set up the perameters of this - activeinteractive An easier Bar Graph for sorting by color or shapeactive Circle Graph - Inter your own data and graph Towards the bottom of this site, you wlll find many graphing activities - K-12 levels. active Venn Diagrams -classify various object in a Venn Diagram. active Venn Diagrams - sorting 3 overlapping circlesactive Sort colored shapes into a Venn Diagram active Let's Graph - Middle School students will use their own classmates to create a bar graph while problem-solving and considering

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