Geometry Geometry games and resoures - lots of them!!!! Also you can select by grade level - elementary, middle school, high school - a must see site!!active Interactive formulas for finding areas, perimeters, and volumesactive Click on a shape and then click on the whiteboard - good for teaching shapesactive Drag the label to the correct solid shapeactive Constructing your own set of Tangams: Clear directions will take your students through the appropriate steps so each can construct his/her own set of tangrams. Follow the links under the Title for accompanying tangram activities, for grades 4-6. active What is an angle? What are different angles called, how do you calculate one? - This is an interactive lessonactive This site has explanations, interactive activities, and tests for each segment of "Shape and Space" - The properties of line and shapes - polygons, circles, triangles, and quadrilateralactive Space, Shapes, and Measures - explanations, interactive activities, and tests for each segment - just choose which area you are interested in - the ones listed with "activity" are interactiveactive interactive Venn Diagram shape sorteractive interactive geometry games, along with other math areasactive Identify geometric shapes and answer questions about their relationships. Interactive site active Identifying acute, obtuse, and right anglesactive Graphing practice - great for demonstrating on whiteboardsactive

A geometry teacher put his site together for her students to practice their geometry terms for a vocabulary quiz this week. They can use it at school in the lab or at home. active IC Shapes - click on a shape and see pictures with that shape in them. You can also submit your own pictures with shapes in Interactive Introduction to Angles: Java games in identifying angles, with concentration, matching, flashcards, and word searches help students understand the classification of angles. active Tangam Unit: Your class will first create their own set of tangrams in this web unit for grades 4 through 6, and follow up by computing the areas of polygons while learning the geometric concepts of congruency and Joseph Wu's orgami data base He also has some diagrams of how to make some at this site

html step by step with pictures and explanation of how to make an orgami crane active Origami USA - Here you will find all sorts of different Origami activities. Look under "Fun Stuff" to find detailed directions (including illustrations) on creating several items. They also include Origami puzzles to try. active Pentominoes game active Quiz on types of trianglesactive

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