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Converters, Calculators, Measurers, etc. Calculators On-Line - over 23,800!!! - also a reference section divided by subject matter active The Calculator Site: Calculators and converters - The site includes finance calculators, imperial and metric converters, math calculators, health calculators and other useful tools for everyday, general use. They have feature articles and even a free writing tool at the bottom. This site was recommended by a person from Boise, ID. Good Calculators - this site provides a wide variety of online calculators - some examples are: volume, engineering, statistics, conversions, date and time, contractor, and soooooo many more! This site was recommended from a person from Kenosha, Wisconsin active online conversion calculators for: length, area, volume, weight, temperature, cooking, and time active how big is the caterpillar game active Online Conversion - Need to convert joules to kilocalories? A rood to a square mile? 100 weight to stones? How about your age in dog years? You can do all of these conversions and over 8,000 more at Online Conversion. Conversions are organized by type (temperature, length, cooking, etc.), and each conversion page includes numerous options. Quick links to other conversions are also provided on each page so users don't have to return to the main Graph It! This cool tool provides a functional online graphing calculator. The GraphApplet has all the common operators and functions as expected from any scientific calculator and combines it with function graphing capabilities. The calculator has the ability to graph the "hyperbolic functions and symbolically differentiate functions in one variable, making it an excellent tool for higher-level algebra and calculus students." Instructions are provided below the calculator for all of the calculator's capabilities. Java is required to run this resource. Grade Level: Middle School, High School, Collegeactive

Measurement Metrics Matter: review metric measurements for length, volume, mass, temperature, and time. Students can practice conversions and check their math using the conversion calculators, and they can click on "Practice Metrics" to collect and analyze their own metric data. active Click on the correct measurement on the ruler: choose which type of ruler you want to Match the equivalent measurement active Click on Bunny Balance: try to balance the bunniesactive Match the equivalent metric measurement active Cooking by Numbers: Metric Conversion:This site from the Annenberg Exhibit, "Cooking by Numbers", takes a hands-on and practical approach to learning metric conversion--with cooking and recipe conversion. area formulasactive

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