Algebra Resources AlgebraTutor" is a place where students can get help learning how to write algebra expressions for word problems.
Two Step Equations and Inequalitities: Students follow along several examples to see how to properly solve two step equations and inequalities. They then proceed to in-depth or more complicated equations, then examples, and finally try their hands in an online workout. active Solving Multi-Step Equations:Print and use this worksheet to determine readiness and/or to test student Help Postman Phil deliver letters by soving algebraic expressions with substitutions active Travel deep space and find the coordinates of the planets and the equation of the Match statements with their equivalent algeraic expressions. active Choose the equation that matchesthe words, and build a space ship to escape from Planet X. active Algebra Jeopardy - Solve basic equations, two step equations, equations with variables on both sides, and mixed equations. active Solve linear equations and bast the planetsactive Help ancient mathematicaians find matching pairs by working out the value of x in each For those who are more advanced, here are some games for

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