Health Resources - Dairy Council of California - This site has lots of educational programs. It even has a cooking section. There are interactive online learning tools for assessing diet and physical activity which include *Food Guide Pyramid learning game, *Calcium assessment, *Personal Nutrition Planner, and *Personal Fitness Planner* The download programs are free to California schools, there is a minimal charge for Nutrition Explorations: Find lots of resources here to discover nutrition facts in your classroom, including lessons and student activities for grades PreK through 4. There are also online gamesactive Dole has many educational games for students to explore. The site also has kits for teachers and lesson plans. There is plenty of healthy eating information and resources, Classsroom in the Kitchen Lesson Plans - promotes fruit and vegetable comsumption in children (ages 9-13) living in low income households. Each class includes six sessions with a different produce feature and sessions are divded into two components - a tasting activity and a cooking activity. This was recommended by a person from San Antonio, TX. On-line heart education This Pinterest site has several good sites for children to learn about the Human Body. Check out the resources for the Human Body label the organsactive place the organs over the skeletonactive move mouse over human figure and see skelton underneathactive human skeleton gameactive human body quizactive Human body worksheets, quizzes, and gamesactive human body vocabulary gamesactive Healthy Heart: Students will dissect a beef heart and compare it to the workings of their own hearts. They will also complete several questions, a worksheet, and a graph. Learn about cells and also your My Blood/Your Blood: this site has alot of information about blood - good pictures are also included. Click on the Blood Biology link on the left. Then scroll down the page for information about blood, then click on a link at the right for further investigations. Check out the resources and glossery link, also. - Calling all kids. Ever wonder how your body works? What makes you sick? Or how to keep safe? Get all the answers to your health questions in this kids only section. This comprehensive site great because of its depth, breadth and excellent organization. For example, listed under "People, Places, & Things That Help You Feel Better" are articles on Going to the Dentist (filled under People), What Happens at the Emergency Room (found under Places) and Living with Braces (listed underThings). active The virtual bodyactive The Human Body Onlineactive Interactive activities labeling the human skeleton, eye, skull, digestive system, respiratory system, skin are the core of this website .Grade level: middle and high schoolactive Interactive Skeletonactive My Body - The Inside Story: As students visit body systems, they will also participate in numerous enrichment activities and add drawings to their own paper human bodies to correlate with systems learned.

5 Senses Braillebug :The American Foundation for the Blind created this site for students to learn about braille. Under games, students can see what their name looks like in braille, or figure out words with a braille alphabet close by. Students can also change the colors on this website to make it easier to read (have students who are designing their own pages learn about accessibility).active Seeing, Hearing, and Smelling the World: How do we experience and know our world? Students will find much to explore about the world of the senses at this graphics-intensive and middle to high school level site. Sign Language Dictionary - see actual movement and definition of word written The Five Senses for Kids

Genetics Genetic Science Learning Center: Several units and activities for teacher and student use explore the fascinating microcosmic world of genetics. Students can build their own models of DNA, explore the genetics of hearing and deafness, learn how mutations occur, and much more.

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