Mammals Resources information and activities about mammals good kids' information about the classification of mammals - there are examples of each trait, the site also has on-line activitiesactove

Bats In Search of Stellaluna's Family In this WebQuest, third graders research bats and write a letter to Stellaluna telling her why she is so special. 3rd Grade teacher Danice Von Feldt developed this WebQuest in both Spanish and English, and the site includes a simple evaluation rubric and extension activities.

Bears This site has all sorts of links about bears wonderful kids site about bears - pictures, coloring pages, resourcesactove.

Cats Cat Tales - information and pictures about large cats information, links, and pictures of cats

Wolves wolf facts more information about wolves, here you can find pictures, wolf sounds, e-cards, wolf cam, and everything to buy related to wolves actove video clip on tracking wolvesactove International Wolf Center graphic food chain for the wolf Lone Wolf poem by Jim Sauer postures for a wolf body postures for a wolf wolf jigsaw puzzle actove differences between a wolf and a coyote wolf facts great site for wolf information click on buttons beside the wolfactove more wolf puzzlesactove great interactive game that teaches you about wolf survival actove word searchactove

Whales Whales Whales too - thematic unit nice site for kids to learn about whales - resources, games, whale soundsactove

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