Critters and Insects Resources Insect hotlist take the critter quiz actove fun interactive game of building an insect and then labeling it.actove  Bugs and Insect downloadable activitiy sheets.Ā  10 Insect crafts for kids create a bug actove - this site hosts a number of useful and interesting insect resources. Attractive and easy to navigate. The first section, entophiles, allows users to view a collection (currently only 98) of high-quality insect photos accompanied by name information and a one-paragraph description. These are offered as thumbnails which may be enlarged further. The second section contains full-text past issues of _Cultural Entomology Digest_, a free e-zine which explores the multitudes of insect references within human culture. The next section, Class Insecta, which has just begun development, will feature a number of articles and modules for teaching about insects. Currently only one module is available, an exploration of butterflyand moth wing patterns. Finally, the site includes a collection of annotated links. While a bit light on content at present, this site holds promise for both K-12 classrooms and interested non-specialists The Virtual Insectary not only provides images of some common insects, but includes information on the foods which they eat as well as the habitats where they can be found. The Wonderful World of Insects - everything you ever wanted to know about insects create a make believe insect, label its parts, and give it a nameactove A Quest for Respect With the Grouchy Ladybug: Geared specifically to primary level (grades one and two in particular), this webquest provides an altogether excellent exercise, to be used in conjunction with Eric Carle's, "The Grouchy Ladybug". While learning more about ladybugs in their natural habitat, students will chart the sequence of the {story} ladybug's day, explore and discover the meaning of respect, and visit author Eric Carle's website. Insect safari Insectlopedia aquatic insects and other aquatic creatures - there are also diagrams of various insects, and two diagrams of the life cycles of insects, along with many links and pictures of insects. Minibeasts Field Trip - loaded with information and links - too numerous to mention great diagram of a grasshopper These up-close-and-personal images of bugs from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) are available for you to view.  There are three galleries of 12 pictures each. If you click on a picture, it will take you to an enlargement of it. Bugscope gives young students new perspective on arthropods. If you ever wanted to get really up close and personal with things that creep, crawl and squirm, here is your chance. Bugscope enables classroom teachers anywhere to help their students conduct research on the bugs of their choice via the World Wide Web. Bugscope will serve as a jumping-off point for many in-class projects, such as a thorough study of entomology, an understanding of microscopy, and! ! a basic understanding of what is involved in scientific research. Join their online project for real-time experiences An Insect's Perspective: Working in groups, second grade students will choose from among five different insects to research habitat and life cycle, habits, etc. They will then take the viewpoint of the insect itself to write a letter to an insect termination company, and design a poster to supplement their ad campaign Resources for insects and spiders image gallery - entomology resources on spiders The butterfly web page, lots of information and pictures Insects As Food: Iowa State University's Tasty Insect Recipes: More recipes!!! vermicomposting fun

Bees information about bees has links to bee information, activities more ideas for a bees' unit

Butterflies Good butterfly information resources and information about the 6 types of butterflies Butterfly Mobiles: Use these colorful butterflies to accompany your project on migration and/or life cycles, or the butterfly unit, above. sics.htm   Butterfly Basics /exhibitions/butterflies/cams.html Butterfly Cams   Butterfly Coloring Pictures (All stages)  Butterfly Website Butterflies for kids - a great site with pictures, diagrams, quizzes, and games and lots of information

Spiders spider crafts about spiders kids questions about spiders

Pests National Alliance of Safe Pest Control - This site has all sorts of information on how to get rid of ants, bed bugs, beetles, cockroaches, flies, mosquitoes, other pests, rodents, and spiders - how to prevent and treat problems, and what to look for in symtoms when exposed. This site was recommended by a person from Asheville, NC.

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