Birds Resources Nature Guides - The songs and calls of more than 550 North American birds can now be heard online.actove A Bluebird Quest: :This webquest informs students in grades 2 and 3 about bluebird habitats and survival. Students will answer the questions on the worksheet as they visit three online actoveresources. great diagram of a feather Perfectly Penguins Webquest: This kindergarten webquest lets students explore five penguin groups, with all resource links on site. Students can click on the short audio essay about each penguin.actove information about birds - includes pictures of different beaks and feet with explanations about them Dissecting Owl Pellets: Owls swallow all parts of rodents of course, and then divest themselves of those they do not require. In examining owl pellets, students will try to reassemble a rodent skeleton. Birds of a Feather:By use of comparision charts, students will use several samples of birds to observe distinguishing characteristics, and learn how birds are classified. Feathered Feeders: Take your students into the field with this bird beak lesson, whereby students must infer the function and food of a bird beak by its form, and then try to find food for that beak in the field. Are Chickens the Only ones: Based on the book, "Chickens Aren't the Only Ones", this webquest is targeted to first grade classes. Students will learn about different groups of animals which lay eggs. They will then choose a favorite animal, locate where in the world it lives, and then create a little book about their animal.

Penguins Great resources on penguins Penguin Planet - Meet Kevin Schafer, an award-winning wildlife photographer who recently published a book of his fabulous penguin photos. As you click through his six-page gallery, let your mouse hover over the photo thumbnails to view a larger image. Penguins in New Zealand - In addition to a well-written FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section, this penguin site hosts conservation news, articles on the seven penguin species found in New Zealand, penguin games and penguin photos for free use as Windows wallpaper

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