Amphibians Resources All About Amphibians: This site has many links for learning about amphibians. Frogs!!! This new exhibit from the Exploratorium is aimed at younger users. The site features several RealPlayer-enhanced feature stories on frogs, frog-researchers, and frog myths; a brief tour of Frog City USA; and interactive exhibits exploring frog calls and camouflage in nature. Additional features include instructions for making a rainstick, audio recordings of the rainforest, and a collection of annotated frog links. Information on Specific Breeds of Frogs and Toads Listed in Alphabetical Order by Common Name All you ever wanted to know about frogs - worksheets, games, clipart, you name it, it's there!!! Frog Finds His Family: Kindergarten students will love following along this primary webquest on a frog's adventure's to find his proper family. They will learn a little of ladybugs, bluebirds, snakes, and squirrels along the way. A story line guides the overall webquest, and the class is invited to create and perform a simple play with their new-found knowledge and frog story combined.

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