Literature Resources This is SCORE's Language Arts site.(Schools of California Online Resources for Education - Connecting California's Classrooms to the World. Aligned to the California Content Standards. This site has not been updated for many years, but it still has many good resources worth checking out about standards in Education in CA. The Ultimate Guide to Reading Comprehension - Here you will find all sorts of resources for reading comprehension. It has many links to interactive sites, too. Cyberguides for K-12 offer literacy resources and activities on many of the popular literature choices for k-12, with related links, recommended reading, and literature units connected to content and performance Storyline Online - You can choose how you want to view the’s storybooks on-line - the stories are divided by age – young, children, older children,  and young adults.  There are games, puzzles, quizzes,  mazes, riddles, and coloring books.  active Lil' Fingers on-line storybooksactive School Library books on-lineactive Three cute interactive stories that can be audio or Bartlett, John. 1901. Familiar Quotations, and many great books online Nick Jr. is a great site for kids. It has interactive games, stories that read to you, songs, art actvities, and more!! active Weekly Reader has a new set of poems for each month. There are also interactive game, and teacher resources, tooactive Peninsual Library System - (You need to have a library card to use this - San Francisco Bay Area) You will find their electronic collection. Here are links to full-text electronic books, magazine and newspaper articles, and book chapters. They also have a Kids section and a Teen section. The complete works of Shakespeare- here you can download in pdf copies of plays, sonnets, poems, and you can listen to audiobooks, resources, his biography and more! This site was recommended by a person from San Francisco, Children's storybooks on line - grouped by age- links for phonics,riddles, coloring books, and moreactive many oline stories that can be listened to active Book Adventure is a FREE reading motivation program for children in grades K-8. Children create their own book lists from over 5,400 recommended titles, take multiple choice quizzes on the books they've read offline, and earn points and prizes for their literary successes. active many oline nursery rhymes active

http://www.themoonlitroad.comThe Moonlit Road This is an excellent site for anyone who likes short stories. Various story tellers read semi-scary stories from different areas of the Internet Public Library - has a "story hour" section with illustrated stories for young students. At the bottom of th site if you click on their Youth Division you will find all sorts of to Grow By - This collection of stories and tales from around the world includes a lesson plan and simple questions for each story. You can search the stories or see a complete list with descriptions, age range, and time required to read the story. Children are invited to illustrate selected stories and share their answers to end-of-story questions. Grade Level: Elementaryactive - My brother the Robot - there are two other read'nlisten books - they have a star next to them. They all require the Flash plug-in. active several stories involving Clifford the Big Red Dog - Flash plug-in required There are accompaning interactive activities, tooactive resource site for literature gamesactive You can find Real audio versions of a number of works of literature for all grade levels at Ohio University's Telecommunication Center site: Wired for Books active On-Line Children's Stories - Are you interested in having your students read. Here is a site that has many links to all types of  Jan Brett has a ton of activities for students to explore – worth checking out!!! active The Children's Literature Web Guide is an attempt to gather together and categorize the growing number of Internet resources related to books for Children and Young Adults. Included are links for stories on line. Internet Public Library/Librarians Internet Index (ipl2) has 350 resources for good literature in their Reading Zone section - There are just too many zones and sites to even begin to explain this place - check it out!!! Through a unique system called Power Reading, preschool-1st grade age children can have picture books read directly to them by visiting this site.  Although the site offers activities for parents and children to do together, the navigation system was specifically designed for young children.  Also included on the site are art works, offline activities related to the stories featured on the site, and an e-mail feature for children who do not know how to read or write. active The Starfall learn-to-read program was created to meet the needs of the emergent reader by incorporating rhyming games and high-interest books that teach phonemic awareness (sounds in words), phonics, decoding skills, and comprehension. The program is designed to instill confidence and enable the child to proceed as quickly as possible to a balanced reading program.The interactive books available here have sound. Teachers may request free writing journals for classroom use that reinforce the sequential phonics lessons of each interactive bookactive. Children's storybooks online - grouped by level - elementary and intermediateactive interactive story of an elk - choose audio or read-only version. The story is told through art Mama Lisa's House of Nursery Rhymes - need quick time plug-in There are tons of nursery rhymes to choose from. Some have audio. active Not only are there biographies, critical info, book discussions, but videos as well. Should be useful for research. active Class Book Ideas: Find several excellent activities to accompany your elementary book studies, including poems, nursery rhymes, "Ten Apples Up On Top", "The Mitten", "Good Night Moon", many more. Lil-Fingers - great site for on-line storybooks with lots of pictures - early primaryactive - Teachers at Shawsheen Technical High School have developed units to integrate technology into the curriculum and have taken the time to put together a website to share their ideas with you. The three units created so far fit into the curriculum for high school English, mathematics, and science. The Crucible offers background information and assignments that seek to enlighten readers of the Arthur Miller play. Galileo has students explore the life and times of Galileo, as well as examine his theories in a lab setting. The Excellent Adventure has students virtually travel from Philadelphia to Orlando, estimating costs of travel and learning local literary and historical background in each stop along the way. A collection of over 40 virtual picturebooks in English, French and Spanish. Also includes games, realia, curricular suggestions for teaching and learning these languages, and links to more resources. Illustrated throughout with colorful drawings including entries in the large pop-up Between The Lions - this site has stories to read or download and activities that go along with the many stories. - language and phonics curriculum for kids four to seven years Learning Page has lots of ebooks. To access them, you need to join for Speaking of Language - Palindrones, idioms and phrases, misspelled words.... lots of help understanding how to manipulate our wonderful language. reading comprehension worksheets - Find numerous worksheets to aid you with classroom reading comprehension, context, main idea, etc. Many of these worksheets provide great practice for upcoming skills Go through each page of a story by clicking on a part of the illustration. In some cases, the five year old author, Alex, will ask you a question that you must answer. This is a cute site and a great one for primary kids that need some motivation in learning how to read!active Quotations This searchable database of quotes includes more than 10,000 quotations from 1,500 people. Not only can you search for a quote, but you can use special indexes to see quotes by a person or quotes appropriate for particular times of the year. Grade Level: Middle School, High School, College Story Arts Online - Heather Forest, storyteller and director of the non-profit Story Arts of Huntington, New York, Students, teachers, librarians, parents, and other storytellers can explore the rudiments of telling a story, learn some ways to practice storytelling such as retelling folktales and collecting family stories, and refer to the concise archive of stories summarized by Forest including stories from around the world and 26 of Aesop's fables. The Lesson Plans and Activities section outlines specific ways for teachers to include storytelling in their curriculum; they can also contribute their own plans and activity ideas to the Curriculum Ideas Exchange. The Storytelling Books and Tapes and the Links sections point visitors to additional storytelling resources. Information and ideas about children's literature and education. This is a collection of reviews of great books for kids, ideas of ways to use them in the classroom and collections of books and activities about particular subjects, curriculum areas, themes and professional topics. This site is bursting with ideas for teachers, librarians, home schoolers and parents about integrating various areas of the curriculum, such as US history and math, with the language arts. ABC Teach This is a great site for teachers of young children with many ideas for classroom use. The site includes a reading chart that encourages students to read different types of books as well as signs, cereal boxes, and a variety of different types of material. For creating books, there are shapes that can be printed, copied, and cut out for shape books where students can write a story. Printable research cards are available for students to use when they are learning basic research skills. Tons of lessons and resources - a must see site!active The page at Pooh Corner, lots of information about the books and the author

Dr. Seuss Lessons and Activities Many Colored Days Bookmark: On a many colored day, of course you must make your own many colored bookmark. Print, cut, and color. active Green Eggs and Ham Picture Scramble: Scramble those green eggs--and have your children reassemble the puzzle online. For Dr. Seuss Book Activities: For each of Dr. Seuss's books find some discussion questions or classroom activities to extend the literature. K-2. McBoing Flipbook: Students can create their own animated flipbook to celebrate Dr. Seuss Day. Simply print, cut, and staple. PDF

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