Alphabet Activities Learning Planet: Alphabet Action Point and click on each letter of the alphabet to hear its name, and see a corresponding animated word. Many letters have additional pictures (C is for car and cat) available by clicking on the small blue plus. active type each letter of the alphabet and listen to an animal picture sound that goes with the letteractive  A page on Pinterest that is devoted to learning how to print letters and numbers.  There are many links there. A neat alphabet page on Pinterest.  It has tons of links for learning the ABC’s FREE software to download that teaches children their alphabet and sounds. There is also software for blends, long and short ABC Order - This activity will help your child learn letter names and the order of the alphabet. active Move the letters of the alphabet to their matching outlines and watch them dance. A picture will also appear that starts with that letteractive interactive alphabet, interactive reading books, an excellent site!!! active Alphabuddies -  a group of ideas designed to help teach children their ABC's.  There is a range of crafts, coloring, worksheets, songs and games suitable for toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarten kids and early grade school Letter matching gameactive each key on the keyboard has a sound and a picture that goes with the letter or number. Also the other keys have neat pictures, too. Once your child discovers the fun of this page, you will have a hard time getting him/her away!!! Use it to help you child learn the placement of the alphabet on the put the bears in the correct order active put the words in the correct order active this site has interactive games for alphabetical order, along with many other word gamesactive type the missing letters in the alphabetactive put the books in alphabetical order active linking letters and sounds gameactive This alphabet is as simple as download, print and decorate. Download to your computer and open in Adobe Acrobat, then print. This display uses 26 different fonts to give you a visually interesting display, and brings creativity to the letter recognition process. All letters are outline-only, making this a perfect first day activity to color the letters and put them Click a letter and learn its sound, follow the arrows active games for alphabet lettersactive click on the letter and hear and see a picture for it. There is also a sentence with lots of the letter in it. find the pictures that go with the letter active click on the correct picture to match the letter. active This is a great match the pictures to the letter online practice. You will be prompted to get the "flash" plug-in. If you have it, click on "cancel". active a very simple alphabet letter match active ABC match - can use a timer or notactive alphabet upper and lower case practiceactive Billy Bear’s Alphabet games -  In part 1 click on a letter to see pictures that start with that letter.  In part 2 click on pictures that start with that letter active an alphabet adventure interactive story set in nature's kingdom active Organizer: Students have three choices for using this tool - create one word per letter, create 3 words per letter, create one word and a definition for a letter (good use for concept development in science, soc. studies, math, etc.)active a quiz for beginning letters v find missing letters for words to make the word - letter recognition active click letters and see alphabet letters in order, then sing the song as you see the letters appearactive Click on the arrow and see a letter of the alphabet. Click on the ear and hear it's sound, click on the speaker and hear the name of the letter - you will also see a picture for each letter - It also shows you how to print the letter correctly active click on the screen then see and hear a letter of the alphabet. A picture that starts with the letter also will interactive matching upper and lower case letters active press the keyboard letter to hear, see, and get a picture that starts with that letter active press any letter on the keyboard and see the letter and a picture, then it is spelled - audio, too active match upper and lower case letters active click on the frog, he will say a letter, click on the letter and he will eat it active connect the dots in alphabetical orderactive drag and drop words in alphabetical orderactive alphabetical order - 1st grade on active drag the words to the page in the dictionaryactive. drag the words in to the correct order active put words in alphabetical orderactive

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