Phonemic Awareness Resources click on the word that goes with the short vowel picture active Click on the train that has the beginning letter of the picture. When you get to the site, click on "All Aboard, Trains in History, Folklore, and The Future" .Then click on Level click on the word with the long vowel picture active consonant cluster word practiceactive Flashcards online: Choose between CVC words, long vowel (magic e), and control R listen to word and spell itactive practice with long vowel wordsactive Find words that begin with the same sound as the pictureactive Choose the phonic game you want: included are CVC games, digraphs, diphthongs, and magic e. You can also download all sorts of Word Family Sort Gameactive Match Game - Beginning letter, Short vowel sounds, Long vowel sounds active Building Tool"find the letter that completes the short vowel wordactive wonderful site full of interactive activities for K-6 gradesactive rhyming wordsactive pick a nursery rhyme and listen to it, then click on the rhyming words in the rhymeactive finish the rhyming words in the poem - several to choose from and you can have it timed or notactive find the missing letter in the nursery rhymeactive 35 young animated nursery rhymesactive a wonderful resource for tons of on-line rhymes for elementary age kids rhyming words on-line quizactive What vowel goes in the middleactive making words long vowel phonems, rhyming words, double consonants - many games at this site active words - ending phonems - choose the correct active beginning letter soundsgameactive

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