Native American Resources Ohlone Anasazi Architeture Anasazi Anasazi Architeture- view slideshowactive Ancient Architects of the Mississippi Explore this National Parks Service site to learn about the Mississippi moundbuilders. What was the purpose of the mounds that they built? How was the river an important part of their community? Camping with the Sioux - Fieldwork diary of Alice Cunningham fletcher in 1881 (South Dakota Territory) Cherokee Omaha Indian Music" offers a sampling of traditional Omaha Indian music. The sound recordings include wax cylinder recordings made in the 1890s, as well as songs & spoken-word segments from the 1983 Omaha harvest celebration pow-wow, segments from an interview with an Omaha elder in 1983, songs & speeches from a performance by members of the Hethu'shka Society in 1985, & portions of an interview with an Omaha musician in 1999. Photos, fieldnotes, & more from the 1983 pow-wow are included. active Native American Homes: information and pictures People of the Northwestactive Indian Pueblo Cultural Center: 19 Pueblos of New Mexico: listen to the Pueblo Anthem, read their history, listen to several of their languages, view a map of where they livedactive Plains Indian Teepeesactive Symbolism for teepeesactive Native Americans - Some researchers believe that the first people to arrive in the Americas came from Asia 15,000 years ago. Others say that people arrived here as early as 35,000 years ago. Now called Indians or Native Americans, these people formed many different nations and spoke hundreds of different languages. To capture the history and culture of so many in just five sites is impossible, so today's selections are simply a potpourri of interesting Native American topics. First Nations History - Native Americans have occupied northern New England for at least 10,000 years. There is no proof these ancient residents were ancestors of the Abenaki, but there is no reason to think they were not." Fifty native tribes (in alpha order from the Abenaki of New England to the Winnebago of Wisconsin) are covered with single paragraph summaries that expand to full page reports. Oneida Nation: Shako:wi Cultural Center - The Oneida Indian Nation, one of the original members of the Iroquois Confederacy, enjoys a unique role in America's history having supported the Colonies in the struggle for independence from England. The Nation exists as a sovereign political unit which predates the Constitution of the United States. Check out the Oneida crafts including beadwork, dolls, carvings, and wampum belts. Song Catcher Frances Densmore In the early years of the twentieth century, " ... with little scientific training, and only a modicum of outside support, young music teacher from a respectable Midwestern family vowed to preserve the old Indian songs in wax. Frances Densmore spent her life trying to gather up scraps and artifacts of the old Indian ways, shipping them off to the high ground of the Smithsonian Institution before a tide of American progress rose to carry them away." More than one hundred years later, her incredible recordings and photographs are preserved online in this beautiful site from Minnesota Public Hopi children, art, food, religion, and legends. Hope Culture - Student Activities Western Native Americans - Map Return to Social Science Resources