Country Resources Lonely Planet Destinations - choose a destination and see a map of the area and tons of information about it E-Conflict World Encyclopedia - profiles of each country in the world, with maps, flags, anthems, etc. Yahoo's Around the World information for kids - currency exchange Guess the countryactive all sorts of country games and quizzes, also all sorts of games and zuizzes for US history, ancient civilizations, and much more!!!active Interactive maps of the world - Africa, Europe, South America, Central America, US, Canada, Middle East and much more!!! Also there are printable maps that you can download. There are map puzzles, too. An unbelieveable resource and all is for FREE!active European Map Scambleactive go on a world quest visit 7 or more countries active guess the countryactive

Africa Art and Life in Africa (ALA) You can select from the valuable assortment of teaching aids including an online searchable Catalogue of the Stanley Collection of Africa Art (with images and descriptions of over 500 items), information on 106 African peoples, profiles of 27 African countries, a complete online version of the entire ALA Teacher's Guide, and 47 lesson plans from K-12 teachers in Iowa. This section is being redone and will be available soon. Africa Art and Culture Lesson: Elementary students will become explorers themselves as they begin to discover the continent of Africa, through both geography and African art.{08C024A8-21AE-4B7A-B2B9-916B224A82F6} Aftrican Art

Australia Gallery Songlines - This beautiful online gallery of aboriginal art, culture, and music features a slick design and plenty of informative background material. Immerse yourself in ornate sand painting, cryptic tree bark murals, and vivid nature photography. Stories of the Dreaming "The Dreaming" is an essential element in indigenous Australia's cultural and spiritual heritage, a world of animal ancestors in the "time before time." This collection of "Stories of the Dreaming," chosen and narrated by Aboriginal storyteller/custodians, is presented in text, audio, and video formats. The video versions are beautiful: living storybooks that use voice and animation to tell "How the water got to the plains," "Why the crocodile rolls," and other tales of

Canada Museum of Civilization Canada Puzzle:Print out the templates to create this Canadian map puzzle. active find provinces in Canadaactive

China Chinese Caligraphy China Web site resource a wonderful interactive web quest about China active{08C024A8-21AE-4B7A-B2B9-916B224A82F6} Chinese Art

Egypt The Mummy Maker: This quick, educational, interactive game takes students through the steps of preparing Egyptian Learn all about Dr. Hawass and the famous pyramids, including information about sites in Giza, conservation and management of the Giza plateau, and the kings of the 4th Dynasty. Stay tuned as this site will grow and remain current with new information as it arrives directly from Dr. Hawass! VIRTUAL-EGYPT An educational resource about ancient Egypt. Learn about pyramids, hieroglyphics, mummys, view articles, photos and multimedia. Suitable for all ages. Virtual-Egypt has one of the most extensive image collections of Egyptian art and structure available on the Internet. News out of Egypt is available as soon as possible. This is a great site for anyone teaching Egypt. Make your own cartouches and translate student names into Ancient Egypt - Board games were very common in ancient Egypt and people from all levels of society played them. Many game boards from ancient Egypt have been found by archaeologists." This British Museum exhibit presents a marvelous interactive overview of ancient Egyptian life. Each of the ten topics (for example Pyramids, Geography, Pharaoh) feature a Shockwave challenge such as playing a board game or matching tools to the correct tradesman. Teachers will find curriculum notes in the Staff Wild Egypt - An Online Safari: - Choose between the Nile, land, or the Red Sea, and then follow along on a safari adventure, with plenty of informative script accompanying the photos. Janna's Egyptian Journey: Explore the pictures on this journey through modern day Egypt, with just enough text for elementary children. Little Horus: This website was designed specifically for elementary children studying Ancient Egypt, with information as well on Egypt in the present day. Egyptian Numberals: Draw like an Egyptian (above), and write numerals like an Egyptian as well. You could create some interesting math exercises simply by having your students translate Arabic numerals into Egyptian numerals. Take the lesson further by incorporating place value questions.{08C024A8-21AE-4B7A-B2B9-916B224A82F6} Egyptian Art

India   4to40 : Kids Portal for Parents: 4to40 is the Indian Web Portal for Kids. A fun, entertaining and educational free mega site for children worldwide, with lots of interesting activities, games and cool links for kids and teenagers, teachers and educators.

Mexico Mexico facts

Miscellaneous Renaissance: , French for 'rebirth', perfectly describes the intellectual and economic changes that occurred in Europe from the fourteenth through the sixteenth centuries. During the era known by this name, Europe emerged from the economic stagnation of the Middle Ages and experienced a time of financial growth. Also, and perhaps most importantly, the Renaissance was an age in which artistic, social, scientific, and political thought turned in new directions. In addition to well-written articles, annotated Web links, and a soothing design, this Annenberg/CPB Project site includes some interactive activities. Written in Stone: Inscriptions from the National Museum of Saudi Arabia. Learn the ins-and-outs of petroglyphs and different arabic scipts. A possible activity to accompany this website would be for students to create "monumental" clay or mud inscriptions of their own. Grade Level: Elementary, Middle School, High School

United States of America The Presidents State Information - (all U.S. States - great site for state facts) USA Quiz active drag states onto their place on the US mapactive move the labels onto the correct statesactive Crisscrossing the USA - Scavenger Hunt: Find three internet activity suggestions for upper elementary classes has students traversing the country for answers to famous landmarks, or figuring mileage on a trip they plan. Coast to Coast Virtual Road Trip: In this virtual journey, students will travel to a city of their choice on the east coast. They are given unlimited budgets but must keep a record of the amounts they spend, for a car first of all, then food, hotel, tourism, etc. They will be creating postcards, brochures, maps, weather charts, collages, and city Stately Knowledgeactive U.S. State Map Quzzes: These printable maps are accompanied by quizzes; also find answers and quizzes on the Mayflower, the regions of the United States, and the original Thirteen Colonies. active U.S. Census State Flag Quiz and Printouts: At this site you can print out each state's flag, corresponding background info, and a comprehension quiz to quiz the material read. active Infoplease Kid's Almanac Links to Official State Home Pages Fifty States.Com Washington DC Tourist site virtual tour of Washington DC maps of Washington DC areas Virtually Hawaii active Yahoo! - Around the World:U.S. States online graphics. of Alaska - you can also download free Alaska screensavers The Arctic and Its Animals: Discover all the animals of the Arctic: the caribou, muskox, tern, norwhal--in this entry from ThinkQuest Junior.

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