Web Quests

http://www.ozline.com/webquests/intro.html Why Webquests: Bernie Dodge is the inventor of webquests, but the author of this article--Tom March--is right up there in the origins of this fluid, interactive style of learning. He collaborated with Bernie Dodge on several sample webquests, and offers this article to educators on the finer points of using webquests and how they can contribute to your own classroom learning experience.

http://webquest.org/index.php List ofWebQuests divided by grade levels and subject matter

http://www.eduweb.com/portfolio/portfolio.php Educational Web Adventures-Interactive learning activities in art, science, history & geography.

http://www.virtualexplorers.org Virtual Explorers: They strive to promote and support science investigation in a project-based learning environment for grades five through twelve. Their site provides classroom teachers, worldwide, with experience in web-delivered instruction and is organized to enable them to facilitate an active and meaningful learning experience for their own students

http://questgarden.com/Everything you could possibly want to know about webquests.

http://webquest.org/ Web Quest page

http://eduscapes.com/sessions/travel/mhswebquests.htm middle and high school webquests

http://www.kn.pacbell.com/wired/fil Use the Filamentality software online to create your own web questactive

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