Keyboarding site has a Keyboard image in pdf format that can be downloaded for students to practice keyboarding active Laptop Language Keyboarding - Here is a resource page with alot of keyboarding and typing tutorials -They also have a nice colored keyboard that you can print out to help you learn the locations for your fingers. (This was recommended to me by a student)active practice finding letters on the keyboardactive keyboarding: simple activity - help monkey climb to the top by clicking on the correct letters This site has links for visuals that can help students learn to use a keyboard correctly. This site has several levels for students to practice keyboarding. more online keyboarding practice active once you have mastered the keyboard, practice for speed at this another approach to teaching keyboardingactive A Clue For Keyboarding: This game of clues to key locations is played without keyboards, yet reinforces keyboarding skills Elementary Keyboarding Guide: Recommendations, competencies, activities, and more are compiled in this keyboarding guide for elementary school classes. A New Twist on the Keyboard (Lesson Plan): A This larger than life lesson plan reinvents the keyboard drill in a uniquely imaginative way. Students will get to interact with their learning exercises in an engaging manner; even kindergarten students should be able to master skills in this fashion a fast paced game to practice speed in keyboardingactive This site has many links to online tutorials, games, practice drills, and tests. It was recommended by students in Fort Worth, Texas.

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