Shareware/Freeware Resources PictureGo! v2.0 -- Win9x/ME PictureGo! is a tool which creates slideshows of all images within a folder and its sub-folders. It features: tools to make an autorun CD of your images; copy, move, delete & rename images; find Internet images in your Web browser cache; and more. It supports the following image formats: JPG; JPEG; BMP; ICO; EMF; WMF; and GIF (including animated). This is a handy image viewing program which offers a full-screen slideshow of your images. You can even open your image editing program from with PictureGo! Possibly, its best feature is the inclusion of the tools to create a self running (auto-load) CD of your images. With the archive are an autorun.inf file and an autorun.exe file which can be used to create these auto-running CDs. PictureGo! requires no installation and puts no files elsewhere on your computer Shareware (check out Net-Print for Mac - utility which lets you print just the highlighted text) Article on making your own web site for free Download for free Storymaker+ ]. A Sound Blaster compatible sound card is required for all sound effects. Voicemaker, a freeware companion program to Storymaker is also available here for downloading. Voicemaker is a simple text-to-speech player with unlimited vocabulary that read text files using an internal voice. With an optional microphone, users can record the player's phonemes in their own voice. A microphone is required to record the phonemes sound

. CU-SeeMe shareware information SchoolExpress offers thousands of free worksheets and hundreds of free software programs. (Ages 3-10). There are online learning games, create your own quizzes, worksheets, crosswords and more CLOX: A free time utility: An interesting and useful free software program, CLOX shows you, at a glance, what the time is across the globe via both analog and digital displays. There's also a calendar and sophisticated clock alarm feature. CLOX also offers many plug-ins which extends its usefulness even further. (For Windows 95/98/NT) It is not required that you register, but f you register and pay $10 you get registered users with internet connections get updated detailed information which CLOX
retrieves automatically from the 'net. - A very nice site for all your freeware wants and needs. It is updated daily so there will always be something new here for you to enjoy. OpenOffice.org1.0: It's FREE, open-source, Office-compatible and cross-platform (Windows, Linux and Solaris, with a Mac OS X version in early development). This suite has many interesting features including a draw program and a math program. I would definitely recommend this as a great substitute. freeware and shareware Grade Keeper - a shareware grading program $20 Snap Grades: has free version and a full version for pay Shareware resource Want a image editor, but don't want to pay $500+ on photoshop for it? How does FREE sound?? lets you upload and edit images on-line for free from anywhere on the Net, or your Mac Freeware a nice variety of free Macintosh programs to download

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