Museums/Galleries Metropolitan Museum of Art - the site offers information on exhibitions, educational resources, program calendars, publications and reproductions, and other activities and holdings. There is the online collection of over 3,500 objects from the museum. The images are organized by department: Ancient Near Eastern Art, American Paintings and Sculpture, Medieval Art, etc. Lizzy Visits the Sculpture Garden: Lizzy Visits the Sculpture Garden: Children can take an online tour of the National Gallery of Art's Sculpture Garden. The tour is animated, whimsical, and even magical, following the adventures of two children who did not particularly care to go to the museum in the first place, discovering art... So will your students, and they will also learn how to approach and critique works of art, simply by participating in the story. "NGAKids" features child-focused stories, activities, & information on the Gallery's collections. Visitors can explore the nuances of Jacques-Louis David's famous "Napoleon in His Study," identify colors & shapes in a Kandinsky abstract painting, or follow Lizzy & Gordon through the Sculpture Garden via an animated musical tale. The site also links to family-oriented resources, events, and publications for children of all ages. ArtLex: Dictionary of Visual Art - a browseable collection of terms and definitions, often accompanied by images, graphics and links to museum sites. For example, the definition of papyrus is accompanied by an image of a fragment of the Egyptian Book of the Dead. Clicking on its caption takes you to the Michael Carlos Museum at Emory University, where you can view more ancient Egyptian art if you wish. Artists' names are not included within ArtLex's terms and definitions, but art styles and movements are, so you can find Monet and at least three example of water lilies under "Impressionism. active Web Gallery of Art: artists index Art Safari - This site prompts kids to explore paintings and sculptures from the Museum of Modern Art. A series of questions guides children to write on line about what they see. Then, kids are encouraged create a picture on line and submit their own art. The online drawing program was easy and fun to use. MOWA: Founded in 1997 by Amy Stone, the Museum of Web Art is dedicated to presenting the art of the Web in its own environment. Web exhibition space primarily showingworks probably best categorized as graphic design or commercial art. Look at the North Gallery exhibition of buttons, the East Gallery visitor counters, South Gallery wallpaper, or Classic Promos in the West Gallery for illustration. The special exhibit in Linker Hall right now is Gateways, interactive Website opening pages. Exhibitions are accompanied by guides, which you can open in another browser window, to keep handy while you view. The museum also has a kids wing currently featuring Susan Finley's animated stories, The Lizzys.*TB/Life/virtgal/virtgal.html LIFE's "Virtual Gallery allows users to brouse through electronic renderings of some of the world's most compelling photo exhibitions. It als serves as a digital link to similar Internet sites, including photo archives and interactive museums. National Gallery of Art UCR/California Museum of Photography The Minneapolis Institute of Arts is the most comprehensive fine arts museum in the upper midwest.

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