Miscellaneous Art

http://www.artsonia.com They have the largest collection of student artwork ever assembled, and they invite everyone to enjoy and participate in this unique collection!

http://mgfx.com/kidlit/kids/artlit/art/index.htm send in your art and view other people's artactive

http://www.tvokids.com/games/minimops Minimops: Click on the Clouds: My favorite site so far - students click on objects around a frame. They also move the mouse around -while they are doing this ,click on the red button to start recording. It only lasts for a minute, then press the green button and view and hear your composition - a MUST SEE SITE for the creativeness in you. Then click on the star and go to the guitar. You'll love composing music in this section!!active

http://www.hitchams.suffolk.sch.uk/patterns_nature/index.htm This site shows examples of patterns in nature and created

https://www.pinterest.com/kayew_26/school/   This Pinterest site has all sorts of art and craft ideas for elementary age children.

https://www.pinterest.com/avaisabellasmum/atelier/ Great Pinterest page on Art Ideas for the Young

http://www.gamesforthebrain.com/game/counterfeit/ This game is one of the games from Games for the Brain. You need to figure out what is different between two pictures. Believe me, it is not easy, but it is fun!!active

http://www.gamesforthebrain.com/game/mastercards/ Here is another game from Game for the Brain. Here you need to match the art pictures.active

http://scribbles.bigstep.com/homepage.html Scribbles - this site features an Artist of the Month, and their artwork, and children can try a simple Art Project. Children are welcome to enter their contest. The aim of this competition is to promote excellence and increase the creative participation of children in fine art. Send us your artwork and they will showcase it each month at the Kids Gallery.active

http://crafterscommunity.com/kids/ Kids Craft at Crafter's Community - This site has tons of fun craft projects for kids of all ages.

http://www.myfreecolouringpages.com/ Free Coloring pages, also you can create your own picture by dragging and dropping objects onto the screen.active

http://www.gustown.com/Museum/KidGallery/KidGallery.html email your masterpieces to this site and they will post them. See other kids artwork.active

http://www.ptialaska.net/~bundyd/anyday1.html Any Day Projects -another site for crafts

http://www.artsconnected.org ArtsConnectEd contains thousands of works of art, audio, video and K-12 educational resources from the collections of the Minneapolis Institute of Arts and the Walker Art Center.

http://www.artabunga.com/ Artabunga - Kids can join for free and take part in contests of their art, post it for all to see, or just "kid" around. They'll love it, and so will you.active

http://www.arts.ufl.edu/art/rt_room/ The Art Room: Display of artwork from kids ages five to twelve, visitors will delight at the @rt Sparkers (fifteen ideas to jumpstart your creativity,) @rtrageous Thinking (practice artistic thinking) and @rtifacts (about famous and not-so-famous artists.) The @rt Teaching Resources and Links sections are also worthy of your clicks. To find submission guidelines, visit the Mailbox page, and follow the link to "instructions on submitting artworkactive

http://www.explorescience.com/activities/Activity_page.cfm?AcitivityID=12 - 8 sided snowflake designer.active

http://www.explorescience.com/activities/Activity_page.cfm?ActivityID=13 - 6 sided snowflake designer - just like real snowflakes.active

http://www.freecoloringpages.com/ Family Coloring Books - Here's a site that kids will love, withcoloring pages that can be instantly printed out. There are also a bunch of links to other coloring page sites.active

http://www.pbs.org/americaquilts/ America's Quilts - This site celebrates the art of quilting in the USA with a gallery of contemporary quilts and a look at the women who make them; an exploration of quilting traditions, vocabulary, and techniques; and educational resources for collaborative, classroom quilting projects.

http://memory.loc.gov/ammem/qlthtml/qlthome.html Quilts and Quiltmaking in America 1978-1996- there are photos and recordingsactive

http://www.gigaplex.com/photo/index.htm source of various photos of all sorts

http://www.ptialaska.net/~bundyd/paper.html Interested in what you can do with paper projects - go to this site.

http://www.yahooligans.com/Art_Soup/ Art, drama, museums

http://www.crayola.com/educators/index.cfm Crayola

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