Interactive Art Activities Resources Art and Culture - an interactive overview of the arts - there is also a web cam of the different time zones - a neat site with lots of information Art Workshop: Students have the opportunity to create their own interactive multimedia puppet show at this online production experience. Teacher tips offer curricular connections, as well as story and music suggestions. Java required. Click on "Puppets Here, There and Everywhere."active NGA Kids: George Washington wearing Napoleon's famous clothing? How about a game of hide and seek with painter Tissot to explore the use of textures and subjects? Each example in these online explorations yields in-depth investigations of an artist's use of color, line, texture, subject, or Free video Art Lessonsactive America's Quilts: Explore the rich history of quilt-making in America. Read compelling personal stories and profiles of quilters, view an interactive quilting exhibit, access quilting tips and techniques and take a quilting quiz. active Six differences games, matching, scrambled words, utube recordings of how to do things active Build your wild self - use your picture to write a storyactive build an M&M characteractive build a cartoon characteractive upload a picture of you and create neat effectsactive Multimedia Leonardo: Play around with perspective, size, distance, atmospheric effects, and more with this multimedia exploration of Leonardo's world. active The Artist's Toolkit: Visual Elements and Principles: Artists use visual elements and principles like line, color and shape as tools to build works of art. Learn about these concepts in a variety of ways: Watch animated movies demonstrating the elements and principles, create your own composition using the elements and principles, Artists in Action, (watch professional artists Ta-Coumba Aiken and Judy Onofrio create original compositions to see how artists use the visual elements and principles), and Encyclopedia (learn more about the building blocks of composition with this in-depth guide). - this site has activities, games, music and songs, recipes, craft recipes, and crafts, and more active great resource for interactive art lessons with kidsactive 16 color internet movie machine - This Shockwaved desktop diversion makes it easy to create and view online animations, using simple online painting and drawing tools to design each frame. Budding cartoonists, children of all ages, and slackers with artistic tendencies can express their inner cinematographer while amusing friends and co-workers with their movies. Beta versions of the software for use offline are also available. active make a millipede - a fun site to just explore colors and design - interactive active Inside Art - Art History Hunt: On this art history adventure, students will locate information about styles and techniques of different artists by examining their paintings from the inside out. They will also be answering interactive questions as they go, and finishing their adventure with a final quiz. Worksheets are available under Teachers' Resources. Grade 4 and up. active ACE Pintura, Art Detective: All of the links are self-contained within this art history unit. Students must solve the case of Grandpa's painting, learning art composition, styles, painters, and technique along the way. Grades 4 and up. What is a Print? Learn the basics of wood block, etching, lithography, and screen printing with mini-tutorials (requires Flash plugin).  The New York Museum of Modern Art, combines these tutorials with examples of each type of printing and a glossary of print terminology. Grade Level:  Elementary, Middle School, High School, Collegeactive

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