I enjoy carving dolls and making clothes for them.  I thought I’d share some of the resources that I have used. I am particularly interested in carving Hitty dolls and their friends (6 1/4" dolls and smaller). I also make clothes for my Bleuette friends (11 1/2 " dolls) and Loulotte friends (9 1/2" dolls).

Knit patterns and techniques
               Knit edgings Knit flowers
Knit doll clothes Barbie doll web site for knitted clothes- There are tons of different styles to choose from. There are also patterns for several other small dolls, too. It is well worth your while to view this site!!! Ravelry- this site is worth joining. It is free. On it you can search for knitted and crocheted patterns. They offer free ones and ones you pay for. They also have groups that you can join for more support.   lots of nice Barbie Doll knit Clothes patterns and other doll patterns            knitted doll/toy patterns                Hittysknittys Yahoo Doll Group - this group is a needle-working circle dedicated to increasing and sharing skills especially for our favorite 6.25 inch wooden doll, Hitty. They have many patterns here that you can use as a member.               Knitting Paradise - this is a wonderful site to join. It is free. On it you will find all sorts of forums - a classified section, links and resources, pattern requests - if you do a search here, type in "ladyfingers" and you should get a lot of American Girl and Barbie Doll Clothes patterns by this nice lady.    miniature knitting resources
Knit Resources has very small crochet and knitting needles  all sizes of knitting needles this site has  translators, knitting stitches, sweater pattern generators, and much more!!

Crochet Crochet patterns and techniques Crochet edgings Crochet flowers
Crochet doll clothes This site has knitted and crochet dolls and their clothes - she also has a jointed crochet Bleuette doll and many outfits for her, too!!
             crocheted doll clothes   lots of nice Barbie Doll crochet Clothes patterns and other doll patterns    
Crochet Resources  has very small crochet and knitting needles Yarn standards - has crochet chart symbols, crochet Aabbreviations, Knitting Abbreviations, Knit chart Symbols, how to read crochet patterns, how to read knit patterns, and so much more!!!

Doll clothes patterns patterns for all sizes of dolls clothes Bleu Door - pattern Library for Bleuette dolls Bleuette Sewing  Club  Yahoo Doll Group - this is for fans of Bleuette, her friends, and family. They challenge each other to sew, knit or crochet historical LSDS patterns plus others, and enjoy fashion photos, activities, and fellowship. They will not always be historically correct, though--their aim is to have fun with Bleuette! There are many patterns here for members aadcBleuette Yahoo Doll Group - A Sister Group to the ADDADC -All About Doll Clothes group - The focus here is on all things Bleuette Bleu Door Yahoo Group - This group is similar to the Bleuette Sewing Club group - Bleuette Yahoo Doll Group - This group focuses on the history of Bleuette, her Gautier Langereau fashions, and the patterns produced in the LSDS magazines Loulotte Group - This is for fans of the Loulotte dolls and her friends. There are challenges, fashion photos, patterns, and lots of friendships. Hittygirls - This site is the online Hittygirls Yahoo Doll Group's web page. It has all of the information about contests, swaps, conferences, and more. There are also free patterns and printables here, too!! It isused in conjunction with the Hittygirls yahoo site. -Hittygirls Yahoo Doll Group's Information page.Here you can join and learn more about the famous Hitty doll. There are tons of patterns, swaps, contests, and sharing. dolls and friends Yahoo Doll Group -This group is centered around handmade dolls and the people behind them. Dolls that are handmade in any medium are welcome. If you make the dolls or just love the dolls, then come on in .We are a unique group of friends sharing their dollmaking skills with others
. There are contests, swaps, stories, and more!! There are also patterns here. Doll Hat Patterns United Federation of Doll Clubs - This magazine has an online section that has conference announcements, resources, some downloadable items. The magazine is very well done. It is issued quarterly.

Doll carving Carving and Paining Artistry Yahoo Doll Group - A forum for everyone who carves and/or paints one of a kind dolls. While thefocus is mostly on wood - the doll can be made of other solid sculpture materials such as bone or carved polymer clay. Dolls discussed here can be any type or size and of human or animal form. Please share photos of your work and join in the discussion! They are dedicated to helping new carvers learn this wonderful and expressive art form. They provide carving tips, albums of tutorials and any other help a budding carver might ask for. Hitty doll pattern to use for carving Becassini in rough stages and then finished Chapter 1 Introduction - step by step carving your own bitty 2 Carving the Torso Chapter 3 Carving the Arms and Legs Chapter 4 Head and Face Chapter 5 Lips and Nostils Chapter 6 Final Assembly 1 Blank Dimensions carve your own Hitty Blank Hitty blank 1 Hitty blank 2 Hitty blank3 4 Inch Hitty blank Carve a bead head by TC Vollum Judi's Manikin tutorial for 11" doll Maria Wilkes Power Carve a Hitty Janet Cordell’s site - She has put up a step-by-step tutorial for carving a Hitty. It is done is stages. Click on the "forward" link at the bottom of each section to get the next part.

Wanda Harrigan has two utube videos - one is how to stromp a wood carving knife. The other is how to carve a wooden doll leg. (Do a search for Wanda Harrigan utube videos.)

Resources sites  All sorts of information about the Bleuette dolls.  Every so often, the author gives a free pattern on the site. good source for wood to carve

Miniatures lots of examples of miniature how-to's            Artisans In MiniatureOnline Magazine - many wonderful ideas, downloads, resources good resource for information about miniatures Lesley Shepherd has a web site full of information on miniatures.   She also has a mailing list that you can join

Sources for purchasing doll related items place to purchase little trimmings for doll clothes trims and things French lace ¼” for doll clothes  French lace ¼” for doll clothes

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